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Sigi Wörle - Klironomakis
02 07 2019
Excellent price and service. I sent a 25 kg parcel from a remote village on the island of Crete, Greece to Germany. It only took ...
01 07 2019
I used ParcelABC to ship a rather big moving box from Spain to Germany. Despite choosing the cheapest option, the package has been...
Cheryl Hambridge
06 01 2019
I think this company has excelled in its service. I arranged for my parcel to be collected from my home in Ador, Spain on Monday....
Penelope D
09 07 2019
I was quite nervous about a couple of issues, but my emails were answered immediately. The communication was excellent. I would re...
02 07 2019
Very refreshing to speak to a business that is passionate in providing excellent service not just in logistic and wanted to work w...
Nicolas Street
04 07 2019
I was very happy with the service that I used for the first time. Parcel ABC website was clear and easy to navigate I will recomma...
Each parcel is insured. If you need extra cover, this is available through our partners up to 5000 EUROS.
Door to door. We will take your parcel from anywhere in the world and deliver it to wherever it needs to go. We are joining the best and major international and local carriers from all countries.
Our online system which tracks empty spaces with various carriers, will select optimal routing options for your parcel in terms of price and time. If you know another company who offers a lower price than we do, please contact us and we will give you a better offer.

In these times of globalisation, the need to ship parcels from different countries and deliver them to various corners of the world has increased significantly, so logistic services are becoming more and more important every day, and new ways to optimise these services are constantly being sought out. The ParcelABC platform is an original and innovative solution which creates new rules in the global parcel delivery market. ParcelABC allows you to take advantage of any empty spaces that various couriers and parcel delivery companies might have in their vehicles, and this ensures that even express shipments are delivered safely and at the lowest price.

Our system’s unique algorithm unites the most reliable couriers from around the world into one network. When you place an order, we look for an empty space for your parcel on one of the many parcel delivery vehicles taking the route selected. The system plans the optimal route in terms of time, price, or time and price. Once it is dispatched, the parcel may travel with several courier services before it reaches the recipient.

Urgently need to send out a parcel in United Kingdom or to another country, but don’t want to waste time looking for the courier service that can offer the best quality-to-price ratio? Fully aware that looking online for a fast, reliable and cheap courier service takes a lot of precious time, we are happy to do this for you.
Sending parcels with ParcelABC is reliable, cheap, convenient and simple:
  • we provide services to both natural and legal persons;
  • you can send parcels of any size;
  • we always guarantee the lowest price;
  • we insure all of the parcels that are sent;
  • all parcels are picked up and delivered door to door;
  • no need to register;
you can monitor the entire delivery process remotely.We care about the safety of your packages, so we insure all of the parcels that are registered in our system. All parcels delivered through Parcel ABC are covered free of charge with standard insurance up to EUR 25, which is perfect for inexpensive parcels; if the contents of your parcel are of a much higher value, we offer additional insurance options up to as much as EUR 5,000.

ParcelABC – as easy as ABC. Saving time is one of our top priorities, so we have simplified parcel shipping services as much as possible in order to ensure that your only concern is what to send, and not how to send it. With a few clicks of the mouse, you will get all of the information you need about the courier services available and prices for parcel delivery in Lithuania and abroad. Once you select the best shipping option for you and the most convenient way to pay for services, you will find out when the courier will pick up the parcel and when it will reach the final destination. Pick-up and delivery is done door to door for maximum convenience. After paying for the service, you will receive detailed order information by email and will be able to track delivery in real time.

ParcelABC carefully and responsibly makes sure that all of the parcels registered in the system reach the recipients quickly, safely, and for the best price, so the only question left for you to answer is: What will you be sending today?